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Providing Massage Therapy Since 1989

Massage connects the mind and body helping you fulfill your potential.

Signature Massage

Incorporates elements from techniques learned from her vast years of experience to personalize the massage to her clients’ needs. No massage is the same!

Sports Massage

Focuses on the muscles that are used for a particular athletic activity. Sports massage in an excellent addendum to training. Massage cuts down on recovery time by 50%. Sports massage can be used during training for an event and post-event.

Medical Massage

A deep tissue massage incorporating trigger point work and Range of Motion and passive stretching.

Pre-Natal Massage

Relieves stress on weight bearing joints and muscle-skeletal structures while reducing neck and back pain caused by improper posture, muscle weakness, tension and increases circulation bringing more nutrients to the baby. After the 1st trimester this massage is done on the side.

Post-Natal Massage

The new mother benefits from restored abdominal musculature. Massage repositions the pelvis and balances the spine to reflect a non-pregnant weight distribution. Additionally, it reduces and alleviates muscle tension and stress associated with motherhood.

Personal Training

After a fitness assessment we set goals then I create an exercise prescription and provide instruction & motivation. This is done in client’s home.

Health Counseling

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I was trained in more than 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

I meet you where you are.  We go over your goals and I help you to achieve them.  Most importantly, I listen to you and we, together, develop a health plan.


Amy Balter is a true specialist in massage therapy. I prefer deep tissue massage and she excels in this. I often think Amy has psychic hands, as they always find the exact spots needing special attention. Amy is a natural healer.

Anne Marie L.

Freelance Photographer

As a professional woman who spends 14-15 hours a day sitting at the computer, sitting in meetings and flying on airplanes, I have many back and neck issues that Amy works out for me. Because I have been seeing her for over 15 years, she know exactly which areas tend to be stressed on my body and goes to work on them immediately. After I see her, I get the best night’s sleep of the week.

Beverly A.

Management Consultant

Amy is the first person I think of when I wake up with shoulder pain or wrench my neck at the gym. She knows how to fix it every time. I highly recommend her, she gives a great massage and her new location in Pleasantville is very comfortable and calming.

Hillary M.

Sunrise Building

Amy Balter has been my massage therapist for at least twenty-five years. She is a skilled professional and a wonderful person. She pays attention to specific complaints, offers suggestions for dealing with physical problems and staying healthy, and takes a genuine interest in what’s going on in my life. I consider her a friend.

Janet W.


Massage helps you become aware of your body so you can manage stress and tension instead of suppressing it which could lead to sickness and disease.

Price list

60 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage


Health Counseling


60 Minute Personal Training


Series Discounts*:

4 Sessions

Save $5.00 – $480.00 (total savings of $20.00)

8 Sessions

Save $10.00 – $920.00 (total savings of $80.00)

*Packages are for hour massages and longer – not 1/2 hour

*Packages must be used within 12 months of initial purchase.

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