About 12 years ago, already in my 50’s, I changed careers from corporate consultation to ownership and running of a wineshop. On my feet and carrying cases of product and walking the floor with customers and open for business ten hours a day. I found Amy eight years ago, and, except for a few times a year, I go for a one-hour therapeutic massage every week. She has helped to keep my body moving and balanced and serene through even most stressful times. Last year I turned back to providing corporate services but cannot imagine ever giving up the healing generated through her approach to this type of therapy. Amy has every bit of the strength and focus necessary to back up her years of experience and studies.

Gael F.

President, GF Consulting Services

When I first came to Amy for massages, I was still recovering from the combined effects of a partial knee replacement and broken ankle on the same leg. Enforced rest had weakened my muscles and tightened up my ligaments, and the whole situation had left me feeling fragile and older than my 63 years.

Over a few months of weekly and biweekly massages, Amy loosened me up, extended the range of motion in my neck, shoulders and hips, and drastically reduced my aches and pains. When I was physically ready for a real exercise program, I asked her to work with me. This was a financial stretch, but I was sure she’d help me stick to my resolve. She did that and so much more: pushed me and praised me, knew when to make me slow down, cajoled me into trying a balance ball, and even into riding a bike for the first time in twenty years. I was terrified of falling, but once I’d stayed on the balance ball for two minutes and gotten back up after a minor fall from the bike, I began to believe I could get strong and limber again. A few months later, I was hiking in the mountains!

Amy’s combination of massage and exercise expertise with concern for and understanding of each client’s personality and physical issues, and her respect for the client as a real person, are unique. She brought out a stronger me than I knew was there.

Kathy M.